Date of Award


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Computer Science


Computer Science

Major Professor

Tu, Shengru

Second Advisor

Abdelguerfi, Mahdi

Third Advisor

Depano, Adlai


Web Services have been the dominant technology in business integration and implementation of service oriented architectures. PHP is a server-side language popular for development of applications. A significant advantage of PHP is its light weight development for feature-rich web applications. Typically, PHP is used for making good-looking front end user interfaces; Java or other programming languages are used to develop the back end application. A secure and robust way for PHP programs to call back-end services is by Web Services. However, when the Web Service operations have complex interfaces, writing PHP client code can be difficult and error-prone. This thesis research seeks to develop a Web service-PHP program middleware that automatically handles the client-side Web Service calls. Two Web Services are developed, as well as two Web applications that consume the two Web Services, and experiments that demonstrate the usage of the WS-PHP middleware component are conducted.


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