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Earth and Environmental Sciences


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Major Professor

Sarwar, A.K.M.; Kulp, Mark A.

Second Advisor

Gani, Md.Royhan


Garden Banks field 236, known as Pimento, is part of a lower middle Pleistocene submarine-fan deposit in the north central Gulf of Mexico. Pimento field represents a classic example of a prograding fan across the continental shelf continuing across the continental slope filling and spilling minibasins. Channel complexes cut through the field as sediment migrated across the shelf and slope to the basin floor. This thesis consists of two papers which utilized donated 3D seismic data on six of the blocks in Pimento field. Public domain data was incorporated with these data to explore the producing reservoir sand in the field. Mapped horizons revealed the overall structural elements of the field including the fill and spill facies of the minibasin that directly influences the deposition of the field. In these papers, channel complexes have been resolved using seismic geomorphological techniques and cross sections. Two potential drilling targets have also been discovered and one has been initially investigated as a drilling target.


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