Date of Award


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Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Wang, Ting

Second Advisor

Guillot, Martin J.

Third Advisor

Hall III, Carsie A.

Fourth Advisor

Akyuzlu, Kazim


The TurboPiston Pump was invented to make use of merits such as, high flow rates often seen in centrifugal pumps and high pressures associated with positive displacement pumps. The objective of this study is to manufacture a plastic model 12” TurboPiston Pump to demonstrate the working principle and a metal prototype for performance testing. In addition, this research includes the study of the discharge valve to estimate the valve closing time and fluid mass being recycled back into the cylinder through hand calculations. Furthermore, a transient simulation was performed in CFD using Fluent to provide a better estimate of what will happen in the actual pump while running. Additionally, an experimental rig was designed to investigate the performance of the first generation valve on the TurboPiston Pump known as the flapper valve. Means to improve the hydrodynamic performance of both valves have been identified for future study.


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