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Computer Science


Computer Science

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Roussev, Vassil

Second Advisor

Tu, Shengru

Third Advisor

Richard, Golden G.


In digital forensics, source camera identification of digital images has drawn attention in recent years. An image does contain information of its camera and/or editing software somewhere in it. But the interest of this research is to find manufacturers (henceforth will be called make and model) of a camera using only the header information, such as quantization table and huffman table, of the JPEG encoding. Having done research on around 110, 000 images, we reached to state that "For all practical purposes, using quantization and huffman tables alone to predict a camera make and model isn't a viable approach". We found no correlation between quantization and huffman tables of images and makes of camera. Rather, quantization or huffman table is determined by the quality factors like resolution, RGB values, intensity etc.of an image and standard settings of the camera.


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