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Earth and Environmental Sciences


Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Simmons, William


In the Mojave Pegmatite district, located in northwestern AZ, numerous pegmatites intrude syn- to post-collisional Paleoproterozoic granitic rocks. The slightly older Cerbat plutons are associated with the suturing of the Mojave and Yavapai terranes whereas Aquarius granites were emplaced during the Yavapai Orogeny as the sutured terranes docked with North America. A detailed study of 5 pegmatites shows that they are zoned with composite cores and contain REE minerals characteristic of NYF pegmatites. However, they exhibit characteristics atypical for NYF pegmatites including F depletion, white microcline, an absence of columbite and, in the Rare Metals pegmatite, have muscovite and beryl. With the exception of the Kingman pegmatite, they exhibit normal LREE-HREE distributions. The Kingman pegmatite is extremely LREE enriched, HREE depleted and exhibits an unusual Nd enrichment which, in some cases, is sufficiently high that allanite is Nd dominant, thus a new mineral species, allanite-Nd.


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