Date of Award

Spring 5-2012

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Dr. Guijun Wang


Low molecular weight gelators (LMWGs) have gained great attention over the past two decades. These compounds form self-assembled fibrous networks like micelles, cylindrical, sheets, fibers, layers and so on. The fibrous network entraps the solvent and form gel. LMWGs are interesting compounds with many potential applications in material and biomedical sciences.

Many different structures have been found to be good LMWGs. Our interests focus on the carbohydrate based LMWGs. Previously, we have found that several ester derivatives of methyl 4, 6-O-benzylidene-α-D-glucopyranoside are good gelators for organic solvents and aqueous solutions. In this study, in order to understand the structure requirement, we systematically investigated the influence of sugar head groups and the attached hydrophobic tails towards gelation. The design, synthesis and gel properties of esters, amides, ureas, carbamates which derived from sugar head groups show above will be discussed in chapter II, III, IV.


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