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Date of Award

Summer 8-2012

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Degree Program

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Ting Wang


A mild gasification method has been developed to provide an innovative clean coal technology. The objectives of this study are to (a) incorporate a fixed rate devolatilization model into the existing 2D multiphase reaction model, (b) expand the 2D model to 3D and (c) utilize the improved model to investigate the mild-gasification process and guide modification of the mild-gasifier design. The Eulerain-Eulerian method is employed to calculate both the primary phase (air) and secondary phase (coal particles). The improved 3D simulation model, incorporated with a devolatilization model, has been successfully developed and employed to determine the appropriate draft tube dimensions, entrained flow residence time, The simulations also help determine the appropriate operating fluidization velocity range to sustain the fluidized bed depth without depleting the chars or blowing the char away. The results are informative, but require future experimental data for verification.


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