Worlds Wide

Date of Award

Spring 5-17-2013

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program

Film, Theatre & Communication Arts - Creative Writing concentration


Film, Theatre, and Communication Arts

Major Professor

Joanna Leake

Second Advisor

Henry Griffin

Third Advisor

Erik Hansen

Fourth Advisor

Rebecca Antoine

Fifth Advisor

Rick Barton


Story of an alien who inhabits the body of middle-aged man George. Mission for Alien George is to convince a fertile, intelligent, attractive woman to move back with him to their planet to create a hybrid species. The major benefit for the woman is having the alien's elixir for her to live for thousands of years. George begins to feel human emotions for Connie, the young woman he initially picks. However, Connie is a lost drug addict who has no signs of a future. This does not appease George's alien guide. George must weigh his new human emotions with his almost eternal life with creating a new species. George is supposed to develop Connie's love to get back to his planet. But does love remain an idea aliens have studied or does George begin to feel what love feels like?


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