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Malkinski, Leszek

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Ventrice, Carl

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Tang, Jinke

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Stokes, Kevin


Previous research on new novel substrates for giant magnoresistance structures has indicated that a net increase in the effect is present. The substrates studied were V-grooved or stepped, however research presented in this thesis used an embossed surface manufactured from alumina oxide which consisted of regular hexagonal arrays with spacing of 110 nm and pore diameter of 60 nm. The physical properties measurements unveiled a net enhancement of the giant magnetoresistance effect thru the whole range of the copper spacer thicknesses deposited with direct current magnetron sputter. The maximum net increase appeared for a spacer thickness of 4.0 nm where the flat silicon substrate yielded a 3 % increase but the embossed surface substrate generated a 12% increase with an overall effect of a 4-fold net enhancement of the effect. Both the aluminum oxide substrates and the thin films structures can be manufactured inexpensively and can be also mass-produced, which are welcoming advantages for the technology sector of magnetic sensing.


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