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Mechanical Engineering

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Wang, Ting

Second Advisor

Hall, Carsie

Third Advisor

Akyuzlu, Kazim


Industrial boilers that produce steam or electric power represent a large capital investment as well as a crucial facility for overall plant operations. In real applications, the operation of the superheater for producing high-pressure, high-temperature steam may result in problems frequently caused by ruptured superheater tubes. To make the boiler more efficient, less emission and less prone to tube rupture problems, it is important to understand the combustion and thermal flow behaviors inside the boiler. This study performs a detailed simulation of combustion and thermal flow behaviors inside an industrial boiler. The simulations are conducted using the commercial CFD package FLUENT. The 3-D Navier-Stokes equations and five species transport equations are solved with the eddy-breakup combustion model. Calculation of NOx is performed after obtaining a converged flow, thermal and combustion solution. The results provide insight into the detailed thermal-flow and combustion in the boiler and showing possible reasons for superheater rupture


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