Date of Award

Fall 12-2013

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program

Civil Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Major Professor

Dr. Enrique La Motta


Finding the most cost-effective and environmental friendly way to treat and disinfect wastewater has been raising concerns around the world. Failure in performing disinfection of wastewater before returning it to the environment could have terrible consequences to human health and the ecosystem. The risks associated to continue with current practices have led to the creation of stringent regulations.

In this research the HYDROPATH technology is tested while attaching a HydroFlow 60i unit to a reactor that works as a closed recirculation system. To determine the feasibility of the HydroFlow 60i unit as an alternative method to chlorine, the EPA method 1306 is used being Escherichia coli the unit of quantification. After performing several experiments modifying parameters such as conductivity and detention time, it was concluded that the HydroFlow 60i unit by itself would not able to replace current disinfection technologies, to meet EPA standards of E. coli removal.


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