Date of Award

Fall 12-2013

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program

Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Wang, Ting

Second Advisor

Akyuzlu, Kazim

Third Advisor

Schilling, Paul

Fourth Advisor

Guccione, Salvadore


This study explores the application of micro-CCHP systems that utilize a 30 kW gas microturbine and an absorption chiller. Engineering Equation Solver (EES) is used to model a novel single-effect and double-effect water-lithium bromide absorption chiller that integrates the heat recovery unit and cooling tower of a conventional CCHP system into the chiller’s design, reducing the cost and footprint of the system. The results of the EES model are used to perform heat and material balances for the micro-CCHP systems employing the novel integrated chillers, and energy budgets for these systems are developed. While the thermal performance of existing CCHP systems range from 50-70%, the resulting thermal performance of the new systems in this study can double those previously documented. The size of the new system can be significantly reduced to less than one third the size of the existing system.


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