Date of Award

Spring 5-2014

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Major Professor

Dr. Daniel Doll

Second Advisor

Dr. Shelby Richardson

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Dr. Robin Werner

Fourth Advisor

Dr. Robert Shenk


The motif of twins is one that permeates strongly throughout the Harry Potter series. Fred and George as a pair are immensely popular with fans, and the “very curious” twinship of Harry and Voldemort’s wands is a relationship greatly explored in the saga. In my paper, I shall further explore this prominent Potter motif and delve into the origins and symbolism behind this twinship. I will also recall the dark conclusion to the tale of the Weasley twins. The death of Fred as related to the series’ theme as a whole and the death of Harry in the attempt to remove his parasitic twin, Voldemort’s unintended horcrux, will be discussed. There will also be exploration of missing and broken twins, for example, where is Romulus since we know a Remus? Why are Padma and Parvati in different houses? What is the symbolism of Harry’s broken wand? I will discuss how Voldemort’s creation of horcruxes is an intentional twinning of his self, and thus a mutation of nature. An exploration of numerology in relation to this twin discussion will also be included. This paper will show that the motif of twins is not just an interesting addition to the Potter novels but rather a tie-in to the story’s core of insisting on duality when the truth is in wholeness.


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