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Spring 5-16-2014

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Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Major Professor

McKesson, Christopher

Second Advisor

Taravella, Brandon

Third Advisor

Birk, Lothar

Fourth Advisor

Xiros, Nikolas


The purpose of this thesis is to advance research in the development of trimaran hullforms and analyze the feasibility of the hullform for a possible naval surface combatant using current hullform design tools.

The “Generalized” Trimaran Methodology is a new process that focuses on the manipulation of the three hulled system’s total sectional area curve. The methodology is intended for rapid hull form development during the conceptual design phase, and can analyze an infinite number of trimaran hullforms.

The thesis first proposes a new methodology for the design of trimaran hullforms, describes how the process was applied to an existing hullform, presents results of the analysis, and provides validation data from a tow tank resistance experiment.


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