Date of Award

Spring 5-2014

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program



Civil and Environmental Engineering

Major Professor

Malay Ghose Hajra

Second Advisor

John A McCorquodale

Third Advisor

Ioannis Georgiou


To minimize coastal land loss and create new land, dredged sediment has been in use in coastal Louisiana during the last several years. Engineering properties and material characteristics of dredged material are input parameters in several mathematical models used to predict the long-term hydrodynamic behavior of the coast. Therefore, proper characterization of the dredged material is of utmost importance in the correct design of coastal restoration and land creation projects. The sedimentation characteristics of the dredged material, among other factors, depends on the (a) grain size distribution of the dredged material, (b) salinity (fresh, brackish, or saltwater environment) of the composite slurry, and (c) concentration of the solid particles in the slurry. In this research, dredged sediments obtained from actual coastal restoration projects were characterized. Furthermore, the effects of grain size distribution, salinity and solid particle concentration on sedimentation characteristics have been evaluated.


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