Date of Award

Spring 5-2014

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program

Fine Arts


Fine Arts

Major Professor

Aaron McNamee

Second Advisor

Tony Campbell

Third Advisor

Rebecca Reynolds


Perception greatly affects the way we experience and understand the world. Using self-reflective research processes and data collection, I explore how art can subjectively re-present data and what this means for research and knowledge. The artworks through which I discuss these notions are Self Checkout 2013, Bibliography of Virtual Consciousness: Uniform Resource Locator Volumes 1-12 (BOVC:URL 1-12), and Observation Box. Self Checkout 2013 is composed of all of my receipts from 2013. They not only record my transactions, but also re-present data from which one can make inferences regarding my life—my consumer identity, my needs, my desires, etc. BOVC:URL 1-12 re-presents my web history and suggests a reflection on the relationships between physical realities, virtual realities, and the consciousness that mediates experience between them. These forms of data are analyzed by me and through audience participation in Observation Box in an attempt to construct multi-perspectival knowledges from art.


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