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Computer Science


Computer Science

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Kortright, Eduardo

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Richard, Golden

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Tu, Shengru


Computer security is a growing field in the IT industry. One of the important aspects of the computer security is authentication. Using passwords (something you know) is one of the most common ways of authentications. But passwords have proven to provide weak level of security as they can be easily compromised. Some other ways of authenticating a user are using physical tokens, (something you possess) and biometrics, (something you are). Using any one of these techniques to secure a system always has its own set of threats. One way to make sure a system is secure is to use multiple factors to authenticate. One of the ways to use multiple factors is to use all the three factors of authentication, something you possess, something you are and something you know. This thesis discusses about different ways of authentication and implements a system using three factor authentication. It takes many security aspects of the system into consideration while implementing it, to make it secure.


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