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Computer Science


Computer Science

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Montigel, Markus


In today's information age, data collection is not the ultimate goal; it is simply the first step in extracting knowledge-rich information to shape future decisions. In this thesis, we present ChartVisio - a simple web-based visual data-mining system that lets users quickly explore databases and transform raw data into processed visuals. It is highly interactive, easy to use and hides the underlying complexity of querying from its users. Data from tables is internally mapped into charts using aggregate functions across tables. The tool thus integrates querying and charting into a single general-purpose application. ChartVisio has been designed as a component of the Benchmark data engine, being developed at the Computer Science department, University of New Orleans. The data engine is an intelligent website generator and users who create websites using the Data Engine are the site owners. Using ChartVisio, owners may generate new charts and save them as XML templates for prospective website surfers. Everyday Internet users may view saved charts with the touch of a button and get real-time data, since charts are generated dynamically. Website surfers may also generate new charts, but may not save them as templates. As a result, even non-technical users can design and generate charts with minimal time and effort.


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