Date of Award

Fall 12-2014

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program



Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Major Professor

Dr. Brandon Taravella

Second Advisor

Dr. Christopher McKesson

Third Advisor

Dr. Lothar Birk


This thesis provides a means to estimate the physical and performance characteristics of a preliminary cruise ship design. The techniques utilized to estimate these characteristics are showcased in the user-friendly interface known as the Cruise Ship Analysis Tool (CSAT). Using the CSAT, the implications that design feature decisions in the preliminary design stage have on a cruise ship’s profitability is analyzed. Then, the most profitable design feature assemblage among a finite number of varying design feature combinations is estimated and compared among cruise ship designs with different passenger carrying capacities. Profitability is analyzed using the measure of merit (MOM) known as net present value (NPV). If a preliminary cruise ship design has a positive NPV at a reliable rate of return and ship operating life, the design is considered to be a profitable investment if implemented. The greater the NPV, the more profitable the investment is considered to be.


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