Date of Award


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Degree Program

Computer Science


Computer Science

Major Professor

Abdelguerfi, Mahdi

Second Advisor

Chaudhry, Nauman

Third Advisor

Tu, Shengru


Creating websites providing dynamic services is an extensive process. Intelligent systems are used to create websites with dynamic services. Current intelligent systems are hard to use and configure by the average user. The generated websites are usually custom built to solve one problem and cannot be fully customizable for users on different environments. This thesis presents a technological solution that enables the average user to create websites with dynamic services by providing a number of parameters. The website generator is a web-based application that generates all the components of the website. The components act as portlets and the generated website will be the portal application. The data engine generator creates the website's underlying database. To enable distributed enterprise/business architecture, the data engine generator records the metadata about the database and the website to be generated. The website generator is a cost effective, dynamic, secure, reliable, and scalable solution that outperforms current website generators and portal applications.


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