Date of Award

Summer 8-2015

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Major Professor

John B. Wiley

Second Advisor

Mark L. Trudell

Third Advisor

Steven W. Rick


An in situ deposition procedure was developed for the nanopeapod (NPP) formation of NiAu nanoparticles inside preformed acid-exchanged hexaniobate nanoscrolls (HNB). Metal salt precursors of Ni(acac)2 and HAuCl4∙3H2O were reduced in solution under mild synthetic conditions in the presence of the preformed acid-exchanged hexaniobate nanoscrolls. Two of the surfactants used for the formation of the nanoparticles were oleylamine and triphenylphosphine oxide (TTPO). Reaction conditions were studied and modified to produce well-defined NiAu@HNB NPP systems, with monodispersed particles evenly filling and orienting within the nanoscrolls. The synthetic parameters studied were both time and temperature, with the most well-defined peapod systems being those produced from lower temperatures (100°C) and longer reaction times (60 minutes). NiAu@HNB NPPs synthesized under these conditions yielded a narrow size distribution of NiAu nanoparticles, ranging ~ 4 – 10 nm in diameter, evenly filled and oriented within the inner diameter of hexaniobate nanoscrolls (ranging ~2 μm in length).


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