Happy Trails

Date of Award

Spring 5-13-2016

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Fine Arts


Fine Arts

Major Professor

Richard Johnson

Second Advisor

Tony Campbell

Third Advisor

Rebecca Reynolds


My work uses hair as both a subject depicted in drawings, paintings, and prints; as well as a medium for sculpture, installation, and video created with synthetic hair pieces and wigs. I am interested in deconstructing gendered codes of appearance, and visions of the ideal woman and man as objects. I remove all identifiable traits from my characters, apart from their hair which appears to be consuming or erasing them. In doing so, I force the people viewing my work to rely on cultural stereotypes associated with hair to identify my characters. My work is heavily influenced by Drag culture and Camp, for their ability to mock identity, gender, and cultural stereotypes and portray them as something fluid that can be constructed and changed on a daily basis, instead of a biological trait forced upon them at birth. I view my artwork as my own form of Drag.


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