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Drama and Communications


Drama and Communications

Major Professor

Hank, J. Stephen

Second Advisor

Karnell, Philip

Third Advisor

Benischek, Roger


This thesis book describes the development and production of Once Ever, a short narrative film. The writing, pre-production, shooting, and editing of the film is reviewed. Script drafts and a final budget are included in the appendices. Once Ever concerns a young Chinese immigrant couple who deal with the changes in their new life in the United States. When the girl gets a chance to step out of the Chinese community, she discovers her goal in the new environment. The boy tries to recover their relationship. However she chooses to leave when she realizes the barrier between them is the difference between their values. The title Once Ever means the main characters encounter; at the end, they miss the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for happiness. Such as good luck in life, people often want to repeat a good experience they have in life; but it often turns out different from what they had planned.


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