Date of Award

Fall 12-2016

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program



Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Major Professor

Dr. Brandon M Taravella


The diverse applications of advanced marine craft ascribed to their high speed and technological advancements has led to the use of stronger and lighter metals in such crafts. High speed, in effect also increases slamming loads as higher speed increases frequency of wave encounter while operating in waves. The present study is limited to wedge impact models. Fundamentally, the study is thus about two-dimensional (2D) wedge impact in water. In an attempt to predict the structural response to impact hydrodynamic force, a beam element based finite element (FE) computer program is written and the results of the code are presented in the thesis. A computational tool is developed to predict the transient elastic response of a 2D wedge under impact force using two different numerical methods. Both explicit and implicit numerical schemes have also been studied in order to apply to the present work. Explicit forth order Runge-Kutta (RK4) method and implicit Newmark-b (NB) method have been used in the present work. Coupling effects between excitation and response are ignored in the present numerical computations. Both the numerical schemes are validated using simple static solution and also modal expansion technique.


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