Date of Award

Fall 12-16-2016

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Applied Physics



Major Professor

Juliette W Ioup

Second Advisor

Cheryl Ann Blain

Third Advisor

Leszek Malkinski


Idealized bathymetries were subjected to idealized cyclones in order to measure the storm surge response to a range of bathymetry features, under various storm conditions. Ten bathymetries were considered, including eight shoals, one pit, and a featureless reference domain. Six storms (two different sizes/intensities and three different landfall directions) were used as meteorological forcing. The bathymetry features influenced local surge response during pre- and post-peak surge conditions. However, peak surge and surge at the coast were not meaningfully affected by the presence of the bathymetry features considered. The effect of three bathymetry feature parameters on surge response was analyzed (i.e. depth below mean sea level, cross-shore width, and distance from shore). Of these parameters, feature depth below mean sea level was the most influential on surge generation.


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