Date of Award

Spring 5-2017

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Degree Program

Fine Arts


Fine Arts

Major Professor

Ariya Martin

Second Advisor

Dr. Rebecca Reynolds

Third Advisor

Tony Campbell


Hostages contains two interwoven analyses of the author’s visual investigations. Living Figurative discusses the psychological space in which figurative and literal may become confused, and the way in which figurative threats operate beyond their natural boundaries. The result is a cycle of delusion, blame, and deflection, perpetuated through verbal nonsense, which is then validated through spectacle. Apocalyptic literature and conspiracy theories function through this method. While most of society believes Nobody is to blame for cultural conflict, the extremist uses the force of Not-Me, the ability to make a caricature from oneself and place it on another. Photojournalism uses this same mode to turn its subjects into dignified caricatures. Worse as a Picture contends that the artist can help viewers disarm internalized, figurative threats through exposure to the concept of death. This should be done through gradual, subliminal means, as there is no way to fully comprehend finality.


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