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Spring 5-2017

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Engineering and Applied Science


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Many construction projects in the United States are facing the risk of cost overrun and schedule delays. This is also happening here in the State of Louisiana. When these things happen, it causes cost overrun which can then be passed on to the tax payers and may also cause the state to take on less projects than they normal. Many researchers have studied the reasons behind both the cost overrun and the delays resulting in private firms, developing project management tools and best practices to prevent this risk. In this research, I aim to study the historical trend in 2912 publically funded projects in the State of Louisiana. The study will reveal the overall state level of accuracy of forecasting cost and schedule. A forecasting formula based on those historical projects will be developed to assist estimators at the Parish level in predicting cost and schedule performance.

The State of Louisiana has so many projects that deal with the transportation system (roadway, bridges, drainage, traffic sign, traffic signal, lighting etc...)

My Dissertation will be a study and analysis of time and cost of the projects in LADOTD, whether the projects finish on time, before time or after time as well as the cost of the project that has been completed overrun or underrun or the exact amount that the bid amount was. With this study and analysis, my intention is to create time schedule and cost to be used to on reaching accuracy on finishing the project on time and the exact bid amount of the project (exclude whether condition, extra work, and some unexpected problems that may arise during the length of the project).


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