Date of Award

Spring 5-2017

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Earth and Environmental Sciences


Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Kulp, Mark

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Georgiou, Ioannis

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Gani, Royhan


The Baton Rouge fault system of Louisiana is a well-known recently active system consisting of en echelon, east trending, down-to-the-south normal faults across the northeast periphery of the Mississippi River delta plain. Two, industry-donated, 3-D seismic surveys across 860 km2 image deep-seated faults below Lake Borgne, along an east strike that parallels previously well mapped segments of the Baton Rouge system. Four major faults (> 6 km fault trace) are imaged within the seismic surveys across the Lake. The industry seismic data were not processed for reliable imaging at depths (m). To bridge the depth gap in seismic, high resolution, shallow seismic data has been acquired in areas where faults are projected to intercept the surface. Integration of high resolution data with industry 3-D seismic data is fundamental to evaluating whether these faults are recently active (Holocene) and if they are strike aligned to nearby, linear wetland loss patterns.


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