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Geology and Geophysics

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Kulp, Mark

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Totten, Matthew

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Penland, Shea


This study aims to establish a depositional framework for an area of the Louisiana shelf, north-central Gulf of Mexico. The depositional history of the study area is poorly understood, especially within the last cycle of major eustatic fluctuation (~18, 000 yrs BP – present). Data sets used in this study include pre-existing and previously unanalyzed two-dimensional, highresolution seismic profile records (Acadiana 86 and Acadiana 89), geotechnical foundation boring data (Coleman and Roberts, 1988a), and an industry lease block survey report (Cole, 1983). Seismic sequence stratigraphic methods are employed in this study to analyze seismic profile data. Seismic sequence analysis results indicate the presence of five unconformable surfaces and five seismic facies units. Through correlation of seismic profile data with lithologic and chronologic data, it is possible to conclude that these seismic facies units represent shelf-margin deltaic deposition during the last lowstand of sea level (~18, 000 yrs BP), sourced by the Pearl River. .


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