Date of Award

Fall 12-20-2017

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Educational Administration


Educational Leadership, Counseling, and Foundations

Major Professor

Beabout, Brian

Second Advisor

Janz, Janice

Third Advisor

Miller, James H.


A greater understanding of the nature of leadership can be gained by empirical analyses, such as this quantitative study, addressing the influence executive administrators have on their message recipients, their followers. This study sampled 64 non-teaching K-12 school, district, and state administrators and measured their perceptions of their immediate supervisors’ leadership behaviors by completing the ©Conger-Kanungo Charismatic Leadership Scale (Conger, Kanungo, Menon, & Mathur, 1997) and the ©Perceived Leadership Behavior Measures Inventory (Conger, Kanungo, & Menon, 2000). Analyses of variables measuring perceived leadership behaviors and those effects on the attitudes and perceptions of their followers may contribute to a better understanding of the phenomena of non-teaching administrator follower and leader interdependency in K-12 organizations. Leaders can develop more refined leadership skill characteristics that might enhance ones’ abilities in communicating exemplary characteristics and charismatic behaviors. In turn, these refined abilities can contribute to an organization’s effectiveness by lowering leader and teacher attrition, promoting team building and bonding, and contribute to K-12 administrative leadership development program effectiveness. A General Linear Model with multivariate tests analyses were used to examine correlations between the charismatic leadership behavioral components and the followers’ perceptions of their own motivation, trust, and satisfaction. A significant correlation existed (p =p =


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