Date of Award

Fall 12-2018

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program

Earth and Environmental Sciences


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Major Professor

Dr. Abu Mustafa Sarwar

Second Advisor

Mr. Brad Robison

Third Advisor

Dr. Ioannis Georgiou


Hydraulic connectivity for the Tiber field and 17 other Wilcox penetrations in Keathley Canyon (KC) and 5 fields in Walker Ridge (WR) protraction areas was assessed. All five chronostratigraphic Wilcox units are not in vertical communication across both protraction areas. Four of these units are in lateral communication across Tiber field except where faults isolate portions of the structure. Five “areas of connectivity,” where two or more fields are in communication, were found in KC. The fields in WR show no evidence of connectivity despite a relatively simpler structural environment than KC. I propose that the wells in WR are isolated due to a combination of diagenetic cementation and increased vertical effective stress acting to decrease permeability between structures. I also attempted to assess the possibility of hydrodynamic flow in the primary basin encompassing Tiber by geophysically identifying the field’s oil water contact and determining its orientation. This was unsuccessful.


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