Date of Award

Spring 5-2019

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program

Electrical Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Major Professor

Ittiphong Leevongwat

Second Advisor

Parviz Rastgoufard

Third Advisor

Ebrahim Amiri


Various directional comparison bus protection methods including widely used superimposed directional element method need to have both voltages and currents from all feeders connected to the zone of protection to find the direction of current for detecting a bus fault or a line fault. The purpose of the thesis is to present a new technique for directional comparison bus protection to discriminate a bus fault from line fault and normal condition. The new technique, which is implementing superimposed directional element method to modify partial operating current characteristics (POC) method to superimposed POC (SPOC) method, does not use voltages from feeders, hence capacitor voltage transformers (CVTs) are no longer needed in the zone of protection. The proposed technique was implemented in 4-bus and IEEE 14-bus test system and was tested using different fault cases including CT saturation and high impedance fault. The proposed technique, SPOC method was compared with POC method with both methods implemented in same test systems and tested with same fault cases. The results show that the proposed technique is successful to detect bus faults with high accuracy and high speed.


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