Date of Award

Spring 5-2019

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program

Civil Engineering


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Major Professor

Ghose Hajra, Malay

Second Advisor

Mattei, Norma Jean

Third Advisor

McCorquodale, John A.


Land loss in South Louisiana is increasing at a fairly rapid rate. In an effort to reduce land loss and save the marshes of Louisiana, marsh creation projects have been proposed in carefully selected regions around the coast as part of the CPRA Coastal Master Plan 2017. Properties and characteristics of the soil obtained from soil borings were analyzed and used to determine the various design parameters that allow the marsh creation process to occur. Other properties that were taken into consideration for Louisiana coastal sediment are the geothermal properties.

This research analyses those different properties obtained from geotechnical reports from CPRA and other data bases, in order to find correlations between the different soil characteristics, specifically between the soil’s compressive strength, consolidation properties, Atterberg Limits and moisture content. Furthermore, this research also studies the geothermal properties of selected Louisiana soils and the correlation between moisture content and thermal conductivity.


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