Date of Award

Summer 8-2019

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Mechanical Engineering


Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Paul Schilling

Second Advisor

Paul Herrington

Third Advisor

Uttam Chakravarty



An experimental method was developed that demonstrated the size effects in forming thin sheet metals, and a finite element model was developed to predict the effects demonstrated by the experiment. A universal testing machine (UTM) was used to form aluminum and copper of varying thicknesses (less than 1mm) into a hemispherical dome. A stereolithography additive manufacturing technology was used to fabricate the punch and die from a UV curing resin. There was agreement between the experimental and numerical models. The results showed that geometric size effects were significant for both materials, and these effects increased as the thickness of the sheets decreased. The demonstration presents an inexpensive method of testing small-scale size effects in forming processes, which can be altered easily to produce different shapes and clearances.


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