Date of Award

Summer 8-2019

Degree Type


Degree Name


Degree Program



Electrical Engineering

Major Professor

Amiri, Ebrahim

Second Advisor

Rastgoufard, Parviz

Third Advisor

Leevongwat, Ittiphong


This thesis presents a new modular structure of the axial flux Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM). The design consists of four stator disks with each adjacent disk rotated 30 degrees apart and four rotor disks connected to a common shaft. The proposed design aims to reduce the unwanted radial force, mitigate the torque ripple, and improve the efficiency. The modular structure distributes the radial force and torque strokes along the axial length of the motor, potentially damping the torque pulsation. In addition, the modular structure would deliver the rating power at a lower current level, reducing the overall ohmic loss. Moreover, if a fault occurs on a motor disk or its control unit, the motor would still operate through other disks, increasing the reliability of the system. To verify the effectiveness of the proposed design, the magneto-static and transient performance of the motor are compared with the conventional single layer structure using 3-D Finite-Element (FE) software tool to see that the proposed motor performs better with lower torque ripple and lower radial force than a conventional single layer structure.


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