Date of Award

Spring 5-2020

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Major Professor

Guenter Bischof

Second Advisor

Robert Dupont

Third Advisor

Allan Millett

Fourth Advisor

Robert Citino


During World War II, the Office of War Information produced American and Allied propaganda that was used at home and abroad. Robert Riskin, head of the Bureau of Motion Pictures Overseas Branch, was responsible for creating Projections of America, a documentary film series made to introduce foreigners to America whilst combating negative impressions of Americans that arose in the interwar years. Films from Projections of America contained themes of American culture, ideology, industry and technology, and democracy. In France, these films were used to sway French opinion of Americans while promoting friendship and appreciation for American culture. Ultimately, the films served to prepare the French for the oncoming American occupation. This paper will argue that the Projections of America film series and its use in France successfully promoted American culture while also negating negative perceptions of Americans during World War II.


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