Date of Award


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Geology and Geophysics

Major Professor

Sarwar, A.K.M.

Second Advisor

Serpa, Laura

Third Advisor

Totten, Matthew


This thesis interprets and maps some key stratigraphic and structural elements of Garden Bank (GB) Block 191 applying both geological and geophysical techniques. The area is located in the Gulf of Mexico 160 miles southwest of Lafayette. Threedimensional seismic data and some well logs were integrated and analyzed to construct a reasonable geological subsurface image. GeoFrame software from Schlumberger was used in this research. A spatial attention was given to salt diapers. Their influence on sand accumulations and hydrocarbon traps were investigated. Two Pleistocene sands accumulations (4500-ft & 8500-ft) were examine thoroughly in this research. Time and amplitude maps were produced. In addition, a wave-theoretical model that describes salt tectonic activities within the area was reconstructed in order to understand the influence of these dynamical forces on the overlaying strata.


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