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Fine Arts


Fine Arts

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Kathy Rodriguez

Second Advisor

Anna Mecugni

Third Advisor

Ariya Martin


My anxiety, compulsions, and drive to control my surroundings inspires my work and at times hinders my process. I want to control every aspect of life, and the system of marks are symbolic of this. Printmaking permits me to express the area between control and lack of control, as the processes can be revised from beginning to end. My prints are composed of symbolic marks, which I create from objects that represent my compulsions and spiraling thoughts. The repetition of this indirect medium mimics my compulsive behaviors.

I convey repetitive motion, obsessive thoughts, and actions within my prints by overlapping and duplicating marks. I break down the system and reconstruct it attempting to embrace chaos and concurrently impose control. I want the viewer to appreciate my work on a formal level while offering a glimpse into my chaos, the overwhelming complexity of my obsessions, and view of contemporary culture.


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