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Creative Writing



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M.O. Walsh

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Joanna Leake

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Barbara Ward


Wishing Fountain is a YA Fantasy novel driven by action, magic, and mythology. The main character, Larissa, a black teen from New Orleans, falls into a fountain and finds herself in a magical land. This alternate world is similar to feudal Japan, and its residents believe Larissa is a prophesied Shinto goddess. Larissa solidifies her role by displaying power over water. Her quest for answers leads her to open the legendary Tamate Box and release deadly objects into the world. Anyone possessing an object is negatively affected by premature old age, uncontrollable lust, a sleep they can never wake from, and the gods know what other atrocities. Joined by her new friends, a samurai, a prince, and a girl who turns into a crane, Larissa journeys to find these objects and safely return them to the box.


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