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Computer Science


Computer Science

Major Professor

Chiu, Ming-Hsing;

Second Advisor

Richard, Golden

Third Advisor

Tu, Shengru


Previously, we presented an extension of predictive channel reservation (PCR) scheme, called HPCR_CB, for handoff motivated by the rapid evolving technology of mobile positioning. In this thesis, the author proposes a new scheme, called adaptive PCR_CB (APCR_CB), which is an extension of HPCR_CB by incorporating the concept of adaptive guard channels. In APCR_CB, the number of guard channel(s) is adjusted automatically based on the average handoff blocking rate measured in the past certain time period. The handoff blocking rate is controlled under the designated threshold and the new call blocking rate is minimized. The performance evaluation of the APCR_CB scheme is done by simulation. The result shows the APCR_CB scheme outperforms the original PCR, GC, and HPCR_CB schemes by controlling a hard constraint on the handoff blocking probability. It is able to achieve the optimal performance by maximizing the resource utilization and by adapting to changing traffic conditions automatically.


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