Date of Award


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Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Wang, Ting

Second Advisor

Guillot, Martin J.

Third Advisor

Schilling, Paul


An innovative pump, TurboPiston Pump, has been invented to incorporate the merits of centrifugal, axial, and positive displacement pumps. The TurboPiston pump is designed to deliver large flow rates at very high pressure of up to 1000 psia. To improve the original design, an understanding of flow behavior inside the pump is needed. Therefore, this thesis focuses on simulating the flow field inside the pump and studying its performance. This study includes modeling the pump using a commercial CAD package, GAMBIT and a 3-D computational fluid dynamic (CFD) solver, FLUENT. The calculation employs both the simplified steady moving frame and the complicated transient sliding mesh schemes. The flow pattern, static pressure distribution, and total pressure losses are calculated and analyzed. The regions of high total pressure losses and potential creation of cavitation are identified. Design changes are recommended to minimize cavitation and total pressure losses to improve the pump performance.


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