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Drama and Communications


Drama and Communications

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Coleman, Barbara

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Graves, Kevin

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Benischek, Roger


Proliferation and convergence of new technologies as well as the diverse media it has given rise to have had a dramatic impact on the theory and practice of contemporary filmmaking. This trend also holds considerable implication for the range of cinematic forms likely to be embraced in the future as well as the methodologies necessarily exploited in their making. The formal and expressive possibilities inherent in the climate of experimentation existing at this unique juncture in history encourage out-of-the-ordinary solutions to long-standing problems while begging important questions regarding the process and goal of filmmaking. Taking the films of the Czech New Wave and their trademark formal experimentation as a point of departure, the present study attempts to incorporate the disparate influences of these novel circumstances to filmmaking. As such, Lekhost a Tíže represents one filmmaker's efforts towards the goal of an intuitive and personal system of filmmaking, based on a flexible, yet expressive visual language that seeks to promote discovery without forfeiting narrative coherence.


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