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Computer Science


Computer Science

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Fu, Bin

Second Advisor

Tu, Shengru

Third Advisor

Richard, Golden


Previously software is distributed to the users by using devices like CD.S and floppies and in the form of bytes. Due to the high usage of internet and in order to perform the tasks rapidly without wasting time on depending physical devices, software is supplied through internet in the form of source code itself. Since source code is available to the end users there is a possibility of changing the source code by malicious users in order to gain their personnel benefits which automatically leads to malfunctioning of the software. The method proposed in this thesis is based on the concept of using hardware to protect the software. We will obfuscate the relation between variables and statements in the software programs so that the attacker can not find the direct relation between them. The method combines software security with code obfuscation techniques, uses the concepts of cryptography like hashing functions and random number generators.


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