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Fine Arts


Fine Arts

Major Professor

Gertjejansen, Doyle

Second Advisor

Saucedo, Christopher

Third Advisor

Hayes, Cheryl


My work is about becoming and un-becoming. I seek to capture a time of transition and possibility. The pre-pubescent girls in my drawings are actually reduced versions of me, going back to a time of innocence and potential, and I multiply them as a means of selfexploration. They split apart, re-combine, and re-configure, trying to make a new whole. They are rendered with detailed accuracy, yet the world around them is empty, like a partially recalled memory. In this thesis, I will explore the use of the self-portrait, twinning, and re-configuration as they relate to identity, memory, and nostalgia. I will investigate the surrealist aspects as well as the different types of space--psychological, illusional, and physical--and how they work together as part of the narrative. Finally, I will investigate how the work can be both seductive and discomforting to the viewer.


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