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Curriculum & Instruction


Curriculum and Instruction

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Kieff, Judith

Second Advisor

Barnitz, John

Third Advisor

Bedford, April

Fourth Advisor

McHugh, P. Sheehan

Fifth Advisor

Casbergue, Renee


This autoethnography - rooted in the qualitative tradition of field research, explored the life experiences of the researcher which subsequently led to the preparation, implementation, and analysis of a professional development program. The purpose of this study was to reflect upon whether or not a peer coaching program would enhance the development of pre-kindergarten teachers' emergent literacy strategies in the Greater New Orleans area. This autoethnography employed the author as the research tool in order to understand the researcher's personal self within the context of the professional development. The guiding question of this study is as follows -"does utilizing peer coaching increase teachers' emergent literacy development strategies in a pre-kindergarten program?" This research will not only add to the body of early childhood research in the area of professional development, but also distinguish autoethnography as a viable, emerging, qualitative research method; this is because it acknowledges the link between the personal and the cultural. The study will give information relating to the effectiveness of the peer coaching program as a means to provide professional development for teachers. More importantly, students in the classrooms may benefit from the newly implemented professional development, as teachers may improve emergent literacy in the classroom.


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