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Mechanical Engineering

Major Professor

Schilling, Paul

Second Advisor

Herrington, Paul

Third Advisor

Verges, Melody


This is the first systematic report on the synthesis of mechanically alloyed Fe-Ni powders ball milled at liquid nitrogen temperature. Pure Fe-Ni samples were ball milled in a SPEX 8000 shaker mill at liquid nitrogen temperature. X-ray diffractometry was used to determine the phase fractions of the bcc and fcc phases in the alloys and to determine the lattice parameters and crystallite size. The main objective of this project is to study how the milling at low temperatures affects the region of two phase co-existence, phase structure and crystallite size. It was found that the composition ranges of the bcc and fcc single phase regions were extended well beyond the equilibrium ranges. The results obtained for the samples ball milled at liquid nitrogen temperature were compared to the previous samples ball milled at room temperature.


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