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Computer Science


Computer Science

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Richard, Golden

Second Advisor

Montigel, Markus

Third Advisor

Chiu, Ming-Hsing


The widespread deployment of inexpensive communications technology, computational resources in the networking infrastructure and network-enabled end devices pose a problem for end users: how to locate a particular network service or device out of those accessible. Service providers use Service Discovery Services (SDS) to advertise the descriptions of available or already running services, while clients use SDS to compose queries for locating these services. Service descriptions and queries use the eXtensible Markup Language (XML) to encode vendor specific information and device- or service-specific capabilities as well as the actions addressed to the device or service. This report presents the architecture and implementation of a SDS used to locate enabled LCD projectors and use them for presentation. The presentation service provides all the capabilities to the end user so that he can choose the projector device of his interest and use the graphical user interface to navigate thorough the presentation. The presentation service also has the capability to use more than one projector at a time. We use the Universal Plug and Play suite of protocols to establish the communication between client and the projector device.


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