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Urban and Regional Planning


School of Urban Planning and Regional Studies

Major Professor

Brooks, Jane S.

Second Advisor

Ehrenfeucht, Renia

Third Advisor

Thibodeaux, Elrhei

Fourth Advisor

Gallas, Walter


Across the United States, efforts are being made to document African American history and its contribution to the development of this country. At all levels of government and through individual research, attempts are being made to recognize and pay tribute to the role of the Black American. These efforts involve documenting the architectural, cultural, historical, scientific, and social contributions. In New Orleans, the Black American played a major role in the development of the city. For most of the 20th century, African Americans have been the majority of the population. However, little has been done to document their rich architectural and cultural contributions. This thesis involves original research on the architectural, cultural and historic significance of the properties in the Sugar Hill neighborhood of New Orleans. This research will be used to determine if this neighborhood meets the National Park Service's criteria to be recognized as a National Register District. Keywords: New Orleans, African American, and Historic


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