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Computer Science


Computer Science

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Deng, Jing

Second Advisor

Tu, Shengru

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DePano, Nathanael


Creating a secure wireless sensor network involves authenticating and encrypting messages that are sent throughout the network. The communicating nodes must agree on secret keys in order to be able to encrypt packets. Sensor networks do not have many resources and so, achieving such key agreements is a difficult matter. Many key agreement schemes like Diffie-Hellman and public-key based schemes are not suitable for wireless sensor networks. Pre-distribution of secret keys for all pairs of nodes is not viable due to the large amount of memory used when the network size is large. We propose a novel key management system that works with the random key pre-distribution scheme where deployment knowledge is unknown. We show that our system saves users from spending substantial resources when deploying networks. We also test the new system’s memory usage, and security issues. The system and its performance evaluation are presented in this thesis.


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