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Drama and Communications


Drama and Communications

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Hank, J. Stephen

Second Advisor

Benischek, Roger

Third Advisor

Ehrenreich, Jeffrey


Life is a One-Way Ticket is a twenty-three minute documentary about jazz photographer Herman Leonard's 80th birthday party. The event took place at Rosy's Jazz Hall, a club in the uptown section of New Orleans where musicians including Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie and Stevie Wonder once performed. Within the documentary, I show the celebration as an analogy for the life of Herman Leonard. In short but moving passages, Herman Leonard reflects upon the nature of his longevity, the world today, and the "luck" he has had with photography. In addition to the voice of Herman Leonard, interviews with Herman Leonard's friends and family show him as both a world-class photographer and the down-toearth human being. Upon completion of the documentary, the final cut will be authored onto a DVD. This will allow for extra features, including an extended interview with Herman Leonard.


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